Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

by 金焰明(JinYanming)

email me if there is any problems:[email protected]

I will keep the maintenance work and update Irregularly

This project integrates neovim tmux zsh and some very useful plugs of them including COC-Nvim FZF auto pairs nerdtree ncm2 and so on.

The installation is quite easy as you do as the follow steps.

A Rapid Installation Mode

1.Clone this repo:

git clone

2.Quick installation

cd nvim_configration

3.Open nvim, and wait for the coc auto-installation complete,after that type:

:PlugInstall tmux and:


5.install powerline fons in you local machine!!!(not on servers,do the below operation on you local machine)

git clone
cd fonts

Settings: terminal > preference > fons modified as :Meslo LG S DZ Regular for Powerline。 (注意:是在本地终端修改和安装字体)
After all the four steps above finished,Please exit your server and reconnect your servers.
Tools including nvim zsh tmux and several needed plugs will be installed automaticly
The rest thing you have to do is to use it and work on it.

some important Keys usage: F8 open function tree F3 open file tree / quick search

The prefix of tmux is modified by me as Ctrl+x

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