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Use the omnicomplete popup menu to explore and complete SQL table and column names. The plugin currently supports mysql and postgres databases.

The Plugin In Action



The plugin provides one function to call for completing tables and columns and a convenience function for easily switching the database that suggestions are provided for.

Mapping The Functions

You will need to map the complete function in insert mode. Here is an example. <Leader>sc will complete for columns and <Leader>st will complete for tables.

inoremap <Leader>sc <C-R>=SQLComplete("column")<CR>
inoremap <Leader>st <C-R>=SQLComplete("table")<CR>

Default Database

You can set a default database by setting the variable suggest_db in your .vimrc like so:

let g:suggest_db = "psql -U Jrock example_table"

You can also use the command UpdateSuggestDB to easily set the database that the plugin will look in for completions.


Use your plugin manager of choice.

  • Pathogen
    • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-sql-suggest
  • Vundle
    • Add Bundle 'JarrodCTaylor/vim-sql-suggest' to .vimrc
    • Run :BundleInstall
  • NeoBundle
    • Add NeoBundle 'JarrodCTaylor/vim-sql-suggest' to .vimrc
    • Run :NeoBundleInstall
  • vim-plug
    • Add Plug 'JarrodCTaylor/vim-sql-suggest' to .vimrc
    • Run :PlugInstall
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