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Eazy Sound Manager is a simple Unity3D tool which aims to make sound and music management in games easier. Playing a single audio clip is now as easy as calling one API function. The API can handle multiple music, game and UI sound effects at the same time while still giving you the option to interrupt previous audio clips when needed. Audio clips can be one shot, or looping.

Moreover, Eazy Sound Manager has the option to make music persist through multiple scenes, as well as add fade in/out transitions. Different global settings for music, game sound effects and UI sound effects are also implemented. However, each audio has its own volume setting which is always relative to its global volume.


  • Play multiple audio clips
  • Play music, game sound effects and UI sound effects
  • Play/Stop/Pause/Resume all or individual audio clips
  • Loop music
  • Fade in and fade out transitions
  • Global volume settings
  • Music persistence across scenes
  • 2D & 3D (spatial) audio support
  • Audio pooling
  • Runtime API (Fully documented)
  • No setup needed
  • Full C# source code


Download and put the Hellmade folder in your Assets folder, or download and import the unity package.


Read the Getting Started Manual for intructions on how to setup and use Eazy Sound Manager. Read the API Reference for further details on using the API.


Eazy Sound Manager is a free asset done in my free time. However, donations helps me improve it, as well as develop and publish more projects like this.



MIT License. Copyright 2018 Hellmade Games.

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