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Awesome Open Source

Snowly is a simple CMS built using Laravel & Vue.js.

Snowly was (at first) created for my friends who needed a quick website that would allow them to post their thoughts, write articles, tell a little bit about themselves, get in contact with potential employer or show-off projects - this is why Snowly supplies you with a blog, articles, projects (fetched from github), about and contact page right out of the box - all of which (except Contact) can be entirely hidden.

While the whole system isn't very robust, it was more of a learning experience for me, but since my friends really enjoyed the outcome and use it on a daily basis - I've decided to release it to the public.

Table of Contents

General Features

  • A decent admin panel created using Bootstrap (it's not pretty, but it works!).
  • Premade pages, out of which all but 'contact page' can be hidden entirely.
  • Responsive design that'll work on all (99%) devices.
  • Modern design, highly intuitional and effective.
  • Premade elements like: codeblock that allows you to display code with proper syntax highlighting


  • Clone the repository locally
    git clone

  • Install required dependencies via composer
    composer install

  • Generate a Laravel encryption key and your own .env file cp .env.example .env
    php artisan key:generate

  • Create your own database via mysql and configure the connection in the .env file

  • (Optional) Change specific .env parameters

    • If the application will run as localhost, change SNOWLY_ADMIN_DOMAIN to admin.localhost
  • Start the server and login as admin/admin by default
    php artisan serve


I haven't setup a proper environment for the preview, but here's a pack of screenshots:

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