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IME Helper Library


This is a library for using IME (Input Method Editor) in XNA Framework.

If you want the users are able to typing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. in your XNA game/application with IME, this library might be what you want.

This library just wrapped the messages sent from the IME, and it does not contains any text editing component, thus you have to implement them yourselves. (Or you can make this work with other XNA libraries with text editors if you can :D)

I have also included a sample game project called IMEHelperTest to test out and deomstrate how the library works. (Sorry for the undocumented code, but hope you can understand it.)

Please feel free to use this library as it is licensed with LGPLv3.

這是一個整合 IME (Input Method Editor) 到 XNA Framework 的程式類別庫。

如果你想使用者或玩家能夠在你用 XNA Framework 寫成的遊戲或者程式輸入中文、日文、韓文等,這大概就是你想要的東西了。

基本上這程式庫只是把 IME 輸出的訊息重新包裝使之可以更容易的在 XNA 的遊戲中使用,而它並不包含任何文字編輯器的元件,因此如果需要完整的文字編輯功能的話,你就需要自行編寫相應的程式了。(或者你可以把這東西整合到其他有 XNA 文字編輯器的程式庫吧,如果你做到的話 :D)

我在這個檔案庫還包含了一個範例「遊戲」專案,用來示範怎樣把 IME 的訊息弄到遊戲中以及測試程式庫的功能。(範例程式可能有點亂,而且沒有加上註解,希望能看懂吧)

這個程式庫是以 LGPLv3 許可證發佈的,所以基本上你可以隨便自由的使用它。

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