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rawbin is a library for encoding and decoding Go structs and valyes to raw binary data.

Supported Types

  • Anything implementing rawbin.Umarshaller (decoding) and rawbin.Marshaller (encoding)
  • Anything implementing encoding.BinaryMarshaler (encoding)
  • Most integer types (int8, int16, int32, int64, uint8, uint16, uint32, uint64) (int and uint are not supported because they are not size-fixed)
  • string as length(int16) + data([]byte)
  • floating point types (float32, float64)
  • bool (true - 1, false - 0)

There are also some basic types which implements the rawbin.Umarshaller and rawbin.Marshaller

  • rawbin.Varint and rawbin.Varlong
  • rawbin.String (string which uses rawbin.Varlong for the length instead of int16)


  • Support encoding.BinaryUnmarshaler



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