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CoinEX (temporary name) is open source software that can develop, test, share, execute and manage trading strategies using various cryptographic exchange data.

The names and repositories will change as alpha test versions are developed.

Current exchange is as follows.

  1. Bittrex / UPbit
  2. Bitfinex
  3. Poloniex
  4. Coinone



Ethereum Address:

ethereum address


Attention! Do not send Ethereum Classic!


Goals for CoinEX

  • [ ] TravisCI support

  • [ ] Simulation support for algorithmic trading

    • [x] Storing and managing real-time price data (OHCL) using a time series database (influxDB)
    • [ ] Plug-in system for custom trading strategy
    • [ ] Plug-in system for trading indicators ex) SMA, EMA, ...
    • [ ] Trading simulation using historical data and report support for performance evaluation of trading strategy
    • [ ] Scripting language support for plug-in ecosystem (python / js)
  • Support visualization based on web technology



MPL 2.0 (Mozilla Public License Version 2.0)

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