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Browser Sidecar

A cross-platform, cross-browser extension that adds a "sidecar" of content to any webpage you visit, suitable for an Evernote-like web clipper as well as many other uses.

Google Chrome - Windows / OSX / Linux

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge - Windows

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox - Windows / OSX / Linux

Mozilla Firefox

Opera - Windows / OSX / Linux


Apple Safari - Windows / OSX

Apple Safari

Vivaldi - Windows / OSX / Linux


Yandex Browser - Windows / OSX

Yandex Browser

Install / Build Steps

  1. Run gulp-install.bat to setup node.js on your computer.
  2. Run gulp-run.bat to build the extension with the following parameters:
    • %1 - Path to gulpfile.js, i.e. browser-extension\gulpfile.js
    • %2 - Step in gulpfile.js to execute, i.e. default for a full build or chrome for just a Google Chrome build
    • %3 - Environment to target, i.e. Local, Development, QA, Stage or Production
  3. Use output generated in the browser-extension\config\{browser} and browser-extension\dist\{browser} directories to install.
    • The config directory tree contains un-packaged extensions.
    • The dist directory tree contains packaged extensions as well as packaged store assets (change logs, screenshots).
    • If you open the index.html document in the root directory you are redirected to a simple landing page with shortcuts to these directories.
  4. Profit!

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