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IoTSharp is an open-source IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management.

How to install IoTSharp using docker-compose ?

  • ZPT Using ZeroMQ as EventBus, PostgreSQL as message storage, telemetry data stored through TDengine

  • ZPS The default deployment configuration, IoTSharp and PostgreSql, telemetry data is stored through a single table or shading.

  • RMI Using Rabbitmq as EventBus, mongodb as message storage, telemetry data stored through influx

more Deployments


How to install IoTSharp using docker ?

  • docker pull iotsharp/iotsharp

How to install using Linux daemon ?

  • mkdir /var/lib/iotsharp/
  • cp ./* /var/lib/iotsharp/
  • chmod 777 /var/lib/iotsharp/IoTSharp
  • cp iotsharp.service /etc/systemd/system/iotsharp.service
  • sudo systemctl enable /etc/systemd/system/iotsharp.service
  • sudo systemctl start iotsharp.service
  • sudo journalctl -fu iotsharp.service

IoTSharp's Clients

  • Cicada A desktop application


  • IoTSharp.Sdk.Http IoTSharp.Sdk.Http
  • IoTSharp.Sdk.MQTT IoTSharp.Sdk.MQTT


IoTSharp-C-client-Sdk is mqttt client, write by c;

paho.mqtt.c's demo

It' like IoTSharp-C-Client-Sdk, but is use paho.mqtt.c


IoTSharp.Edge.nanoFramework is a nanoFramework's mqtt client , it run on STM32 !

more info read or click


IoTSharp.Edge.RT-Thread (STM32L4 + Wi-Fi, sensor, lcd, audio etc)

20190615010003.jpg InfluxDB2.PNG 20190615010115.jpg

IoTSharp's ecosystem

  • MaiKeBing.CAP.ZeroMQ MaiKeBing.CAP.ZeroMQ
  • MaiKeBing.CAP.LiteDB MaiKeBing.CAP.LiteDB
  • MaiKeBing.HostedService.ZeroMQ MaiKeBing.HostedService.ZeroMQ
  • IoTSharp.X509Extensions IoTSharp.X509Extensions
  • MQTTnet.AspNetCoreEx MQTTnet.AspNetCoreEx
  • Silkier Silkier
  • Silkier.EFCore Silkier.EFCore
  • Silkier.AspNetCore Silkier.AspNetCore
  • SilkierQuartz SilkierQuartz
  • Maikebing.EntityFrameworkCore.Taos Maikebing.EntityFrameworkCore.Taos
  • IoTSharp.Sdk.Http IoTSharp.Sdk.Http
  • IoTSharp.Sdk.MQTT IoTSharp.Sdk.MQTT


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