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README -- IBMStreams/streamsx.inet


The IBMStreams/streamsx.inet toolkit project is an open source IBM InfoSphere Streams toolkit project supporting common internet protocols, such as HTTP, WebSockets, etc.

Note that development is proceeding on two branches:

  • The master branch is the main development stream and contains operators and functions which are available on all supported platforms. A subset of this operators is shipped with the Streams product.
  • The branch HTTPRequestAsync contains a new operator which is designed to work well with HTTP(S) (REST) services in asynchronous manner. It should be considered pre-release.

This toolkit implements the NLS feature. Use the guidelines for the message bundle that are described in The messages and the NLS for toolkits

Support for Streams 4.0 Now Available!

Find the project Documentation at:

The http rest functions and the WebSocket server functions are now moved into streamsx.inetserver toolkit

How to use this Toolkit



This toolkit requires the following packages installed

  • libcurl (version 7.19.7 or higher) installed.
  • Developers needs additionally the libcurl-devel
  • opnessl
  • Developers needs additionally the openssl-devel package

Use the HTTPRequestAsync Operator

Steps to use the HTTPRequestAsync operator:

  • Checkout branch HTTPRequestAsync
  • change into directory
  • build the toolkit ant clean all
  • a sample is available in directrory samples/HTTPClientAsync
  • build the sample with make

To learn more about Streams:

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