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ATM Simulator

Used the notion of threads and parallelism to make a basic ATM Simulator.

License MIT


ATM Simulator
Calculator - screenshoots

Goal of Project 💡

Get knowledge how to use threads in java and how to manage threads by using semaphores and different kind of mutual exclusion to protect critical sections

Requirements 🔧

  • Java version 8 or higher.

Installation 🔌

  1. Press the Fork button (top right the page) to save copy of this project on your account.

  2. Download the repository files (project) from the download section or clone this project by typing in the bash the following command:

    git clone
  3. Imported it in Intellij IDEA.

  4. Run the application :D


If you want to contribute to this project and make it better with new ideas, your pull request is very welcomed. If you find any issue just put it in the repository issue section, thank you.

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