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As a lead online financial aggregator , we have to calculate every customer needs with certain accuracy. We used to use a different nuget library for this kind of calculations ExcelFinancialFunctions But this library written F#, it's hard to extend or understand what's happening in it. So we converted base financial functions from F# to C# and pack it with nuget so everbody can use it.


We are Hesapkurdu R&D Team.You can check our services at Hesapkurdu You can find out who we are & what we are doing at Hesapkurdu Team

Where can I get it?

First, install NuGet. Then install package via package manager console with this command.

PM> Install-Package HkFinancialFunctions

You can also get it from .net cli.

> dotnet add package HkFinancialFunctions


Any contributions welcome. Please fork this repository and create a pull request notifying your changes and why.

Financial Dictionary

We are using shortened names of some financial terms.You can find the list here :

  • fv : Future Value
  • pv : Present Value
  • irr : Internal Return Rate
  • iPmt : Interest Payment
  • nPer : Number Of Periods
  • nPv : Net Present Value
  • pmt : Payment
  • pPmt : Capital Payment

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