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MERN is deprecated and is no longer actively maintained.


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A CLI for getting started with MERN stack. It offers a super simple boilerplate project and additional utilities to get started with isomorphic React and Redux apps.

npm install -g mern-cli

Create a new project with default mern-starter and dependencies pre-installed:

mern init my_app


Generate React components, Express routes and controllers and Mongoose models using mern generator.

To list out all available generators


Help and Version

mern -v // Check CLI version
mern --help // Get help and check usage


Testing & Deployment

  • Commands that make your app ready for production
  • Easy testing - React and Node.js
  • Deployment options
    • One click Deploy - mern deploy
    • Hashnode's PaaS offering (Experimental)
    • Focus on your MERN app and leave the architecture, Devops etc for us


MERN is released under the MIT License.

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