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Awesome Open Source

HandsomeMod 21.03

IOT Freedom For End-user!

Feature Overview

  • Opkg Packager Manager and Procd init.
  • Lower memory usage than Debian or some systemd-based linux.
  • Support Qt5 Gtk3 Xorg Wayland and lots of Graphics Stuff.
  • Support sound csi camera encoder&decoder drm on Allwinner platform.
  • Support librarys commonly use in embedded project.(opencv ncnn wiringpi etc)
  • Support Networkmanager and Connman.
  • Just-enough Generic OS for embedded devices!

Building Firmware

To build your own firmware you need a Linux, BSD or MacOSX system (case sensitive filesystem required). Cygwin is unsupported.

You need gcc, binutils, bzip2, flex, python, perl, make, find, grep, diff, unzip, gawk, getopt, subversion, libz-dev and libc headers installed.

  1. Run "./scripts/feeds update -a" to obtain all the latest package definitions defined in feeds.conf / feeds.conf.default

  2. Run "./scripts/feeds install -a" to install symlinks for all obtained packages into package/feeds/

  3. Run "make menuconfig" to select your preferred configuration for the toolchain, target system & firmware packages.

  4. Run "make" to build your firmware. This will download all sources, build the cross-compile toolchain and then cross-compile the Linux kernel & all chosen applications for your target system.

Mainly Supporting Platform

This means those socs can get better support than others.

  • Allwinner Socs (linux mainline)
  • Qualcomm MSM89xx Family
  • Rapsberry pi
  • X86
  • Freescale I.MX6ULL Family (WIP)
  • Loongson64 Family (WIP)
  • Allwinner Socs (bsp kernel) (Planing)


HandsomeMod based on OpenWrt project.

* branch : openwrt-21.02
* commit: fc86176363149493810dc0b424583dd120e7f4c7


  • Now this project is not good enough for production environment.
  • Some packages may buggy and unusable.


HandsomeMod is licensed under GPL-2.0

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