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KDEConnect module for Polybar

menu pmenu pmenu2 screenshot
Demo with Material Theme and Material Polybar



Place the given script in some folder, and use it in your polybar config as

type = custom/script  
exec = "/path/to/files/ -d"  
tail = true


You can change the variables in to customize the rofi menu and the icons shown in polybar

Default Color Code Legend

Color Meaning
Disconnected Device Disconnected
New Device Unpaired Device
Baterry_90 Battery >= 90
Baterry_80 Battery >= 80
Baterry_70 Battery >= 70
Baterry_60 Battery >= 60
Baterry_50 Battery >= 50
Baterry_LOW Battery < 50



  • Supports Multiple Devices without extra configuration
  • Supports pairing/unpairing devices
  • Removed kdeconnect-cli as dependency
  • Combined seperate files into one
  • Seperate icons for tablets and smartphone

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