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An open source block explorer for Handshake - written in React with a plugin for HSD. The primary focus of this explorer is to aid developers while integrating Handshake into their applications. It is originally designed to be run locally and explore regtest or testnet networks.

Getting Started

There are 2 ways in which you can interact with HNScan.

1. Local Install

After cloning this repository:

Running a local version of HNScan requires a handshake client in order to operate correctly. If you do not have a handshake client currently running on your machine, refer to the handshake docs to get one started - Handshake Docs

HNScan also requires a plugin for HSD to run. For full instructions see:

# Install the dependencies
> yarn

# Run the localhost server
> yarn start

2. Hosted Website

Visit HNScan



The easiest way to develop on HNScan, both the frontend and the backend, is by using yarn/npm link. Inside of your hnscan-backend directory, run yarn/npm link and wait for the process to finish. Once the linking process is complete, from your hsd folder, run yarn/npm link hnscan. This will now allow you run the hnscan plugin from a local install, and changes will be picked up on hsd restarts.

Lastly, run ./bin/hsd --index-tx=true --index-address=true --plugins=hnscan from inside your hsd folder to complete the backend setup.


We use a Github Flow workflow on HNScan. All feature branches should be forked from master, and compared to master inside of a PR. HNScan is redeployed on every commit into master, so once a PR is merged it will be immediately deployed.


This project is licensed under MIT License.

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