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Improved support for compiler intrinsics in Visual Studio. This extension can be found in the visual studio extensions gallery or download latest installer IntrinsicsDude.vsix (v1.2.2.0). If intrinsics are not low level enough, consider Asm-Dude.


Quickinfo Tooltips

QuickInfo is an IntelliSense feature that displays method signatures and descriptions when a user moves the pointer over a method name. The minimal default tooltips are replaced by more informative ones.


Statement Completion

Statement completion is the process by which the language service helps users finish a language keyword or element that they have started typing in the editor. The minimal default tooltips are replaced by more informative ones. If the current keyword starts with _m the code completion key combination (typically CTRL+SPACE) will populate a separate completion list called Intrinsics. (Note: this feature is switched off by default.)


Signature Help

Signature Help (also known as Parameter Info) displays the signature of a method in a tooltip when a user types the parameter list start character (typically an opening parenthesis). As a parameter and parameter separator (typically a comma) are typed, the tooltip is updated to show the next parameter in bold.


The Source

If you are reading this you are most likely a C/C++ programmer, if you are still interested in some dirty C# you can run the extension from source code. To do that, Visual Studio 2015 SDK needs to be installed. To run the extension, hit F5 or choose the Debug > Start Debugging menu command. A new instance of Visual Studio will launch under the experimental hive.

Known Issues

  • Incorrect syntax highlighting of SIMD registers and intrinsic functions in code comment blocks.
  • No support for AMD-specific intrinsics (ammintrin.h)

Feature Requests: (desire something - let me know)

  • Restrict code completion suggestions based on the return type when used as a parameter in an intrinsic.
  • Fix _may_i_use_cpu_feature: not showing the valid feature flags.
  • Add Performance data to QuickInfo tooltips.
  • No syntax highlighting for intrinsic keywords that are not enabled.
  • Descriptions for all int definitions such as _MM_ROUND_MASK etc.
  • Support AMD-specific intrinsics (ammintrin.h)


  • 25 Juli 2016: Start of project
  • 26 August 2016: First release (v1.0.0.7)
  • 2 September 2016: Added Performance data to QuickInfo tooltips (v1.1.0.0)
  • 6 January 2019: Added VS2019 (v1.2.0.1)

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