**sqlfiltebrite** is a dart lang implement of [square/sqlbrite](https://github.com/square/sqlbri that base on [tekartik/sqflite](https://github.com/tekartik/sqf
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Flutter By Example919
3 years ago7otherDart
A collection of simple, bare-bones Flutter apps that each demonstrate a concept
Stream Chat Flutter696115 hours ago48July 07, 202259otherDart
Flutter Chat SDK - Build your own chat app experience using Dart, Flutter and the Stream Chat Messaging API..
Ferry50748 days ago61September 25, 202258mitDart
Stream-based strongly typed GraphQL client for Dart
Cubit44563 years ago18July 06, 2020mitDart
Cubit is a lightweight state management solution. It is a subset of the bloc package that does not rely on events and instead uses methods to emit new states.
42 years ago10November 21, 201916bsd-3-clauseDart
A package for flip panel with built-in animation
16 days ago32agpl-3.0Dart
A mobile Twitch client for iOS and Android with 7TV, BetterTTV (BTTV), and FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) support. Built with Flutter.
18 days ago8apache-2.0Dart
A Flutter project can make you watch live with ease.
a month ago13gpl-3.0Dart
Make use of the OBS WebSocket Plugin (https://github.com/obsproject/obs-websocket) and control your stream
Rebloc211322 years ago16March 07, 20214bsd-3-clauseDart
A state management library for Flutter that combines aspects of Redux and BLoC.
Creator195123 days ago14November 13, 20222mitDart
A state management library that enables concise, fluid, readable and testable business logic code.
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sqlfiltebrite is a dart lang implement of square/sqlbrite that base on tekartik/sqflite.

Getting Started

  1. Read the sqflite's ReadMe

  2. Read the sqlbrite's ReadMe

  3. See example.

Different Point

sqlfiltebrite support nested transation that not supported by tekartik/sqflite (Issue#146).

nested transation in sqlfiltebrite is a simulation of the nest transaction that not a real one.

How works? See Example.

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