Horizon Edex Theme

A modern, beautiful and colorful theme for eDEX-UI.
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Horizon eDEX-UI Theme (horizon-disrupted.json)

Horizon is a modern, sexy and colorful theme for eDEX-UI.

To install it, download the fonts and themes folders of this repo and put them in your eDEX config directory.

Then, launch eDEX, use Ctrl+Shift+S (or ⌘+Shift+S) to open the settings, select horizon-disrupted in the "theme" dropdown menu, hit "Save to Disk" and "Reload UI". Done!

Horizon also has a -full variant with no on-screen keyboard and a larger terminal: horizon-full. Screenshots below.

Note: In this theme, the visual order of terminal tabs is reversed, and the memory monitor emphasizes free memory slots instead of used ones.

moar screenshot plz





Credits & License

The color scheme for this theme was blatantly stolen from the Horizon VS Code theme by @jolaleye. Go check it out!

The fonts redistributed with this theme have their own (permissive) licenses, specifically:

I do not own these fonts. As for the theme itself, it is licensed under the MIT License.

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