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Awesome Open Source


📱 Mobile Game especially made for my school.


Run the App on iOS or Android


Install Flutter & Dart for your OS by following this guide.
As IDE, you could use Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ or Android Studio. Optional you can download the Flutter plugin/extension in each IDE.

How to run

  1. Open the folder with your IDE
  2. Then run flutter pub get (may take a while) in the console
    • This downloads all required dependencies
  3. Connect your Android or iOS device and make sure it is unlocked
  4. Execute flutter run
    • If you have multiple devices, you can run the app on all of those, by executing flutter run -d all
    • Optionally you can also add the --release parameter, which prevents flutter from starting the debug mode. Flutter will build an app which runs in production mode.
  5. Test the app on your device after it has built


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

What did I learn?

  • How to do support multiple languages
  • How to automatically use Material or Cupertino design

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