Fastest PWA eCommerce solution. Joins us as contributor.
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Create React App100,803179,01638,641a day ago134April 12, 20222,109mitJavaScript
Set up a modern web app by running one command.
Api Platform8,042
a day ago37February 12, 2018577mitTypeScript
Create REST and GraphQL APIs, scaffold Jamstack webapps, stream changes in real-time.
Webpack Encore2,1701,762782 months ago79July 10, 2023219mitJavaScript
A simple but powerful API for processing & compiling assets built around Webpack
Symfony React Sandbox327
2 years agoNovember 25, 202021mitJavaScript
Example of integration with React and Webpack (Webpack Encore) for universal (isomorphic) React rendering, using Limenius/ReactBundle and Limenius/LiformBundle
3 days ago3mitPHP
Demo app for the API Platform framework
Kreta176116 years ago27April 28, 201618mitPHP
Modern project management solution
Dunglasangularcsrfbundle1511123 years ago5May 06, 2019mitPHP
Automatic CSRF protection for JavaScript apps using a Symfony API
Liformbundle1323203 months ago19October 06, 20207mitPHP
Symfony Bundle to render Symfony Forms to JSON Schema
Php Sf Flex Webpack Encore Vuejs115
2 years ago48mitPHP
A simple app skeleton to try to make every components work together : symfony 5.* (latest stable at the date, but work with sf 4 and 3.3+ if you pull the right tag), symfony/flex, webpack-encore, vuejs 2.5.x, boostrap 4 sass
Gatsbylius6112 years ago8June 17, 20201mitJavaScript
Fastest PWA eCommerce solution. Joins us as contributor.
Alternatives To Gatsbylius
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Gatsbylius logo

The fastest Open Source storefront for Sylius.

Gatsbylius leverages Gatsby for building eCommerce PWA storefronts using React backed by a headless Sylius store. Gatsby + Sylius = 🚀, Try the demo.

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Started with ❤️ 🍻 🔥 in Bthune #opengento


** Alpha software:** Gatsbylius is in active development, things will change but contributions are welcome.

This monorep contains:

  • gatsby-source-sylius: This package create the graphql schema from a Sylius API.


Check Gatsbylius/gatsbylius-starter to start a new gatby site with a Sylius backend.

Get help

If you need help we encourage you to search on the web first. It will help you discover the community around both project (Gatsby & Sylius). You might find additional resources for learning each library in-depth when you will be ready.

Useful resources:

You can also open issues with the tag "question" and we will do our best to answer it. Of course, you can browse answered questions and try to help others by answering their opened questions.

If you need anything else, send an email to the team behind it! We can also take care of your project!

Setting up a local dev environment

If you wish to contribute to the project, this part will describe how to get a local dev environment up and running.

We use Lerna and Yarn to manage a monorepo. It allows us to easily manage and publish our packages.


Node and yarn

  • Install node at least with the version (>= 10.16.0) node --version
  • Install Yarn at least with the version (>= 1.0.2) yarn --version

Fork and clone

  1. Fork the gatsbylius/gatsbylius repository
  2. git clone [email protected]:<your-username>/Gatsbylius.git
  3. cd Gatsbylius && yarn && yarn run bootstrap
  4. open your favorite editor and start coding!



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