Cargo Mommy

Mommy's here to support you when running cargo~

cargo-mommy Rust CI

Mommy's here to support you when running cargo~


You can cargo install cargo-mommy, see the website for more options


Run whatever cargo command you would normally but add mommy after cargo~

cargo mommy check

    Checking bappy-script v0.1.3
error: expected one of `!` or `::`, found `passes`
  --> src\
20 | mods passes;
   |      ^^^^^^ expected one of `!` or `::`

error: could not compile `bappy-script` (bin "bappy-script") due to previous error
mommy knows her little girl can do better~ 

See the docs for more options


Mommy will read the following environment variables to make her messages better for you~

  • CARGO_MOMMYS_LITTLE - what to call you~ (default: "girl")
  • CARGO_MOMMYS_PRONOUNS - what pronouns mommy will use for themself~ (default: "her")
  • CARGO_MOMMYS_ROLES - what role mommy will have~ (default "mommy")
  • CARGO_MOMMYS_EMOTES - what emotes mommy will have~ (default "////")
  • CARGO_MOMMYS_MOODS - picks the set of possible responses~ (default: "chill", possible values "chill", "ominous")

All of these options can take a / separated list. Mommy will randomly select one of them whenever she talks to you~

For example, the phrase "mommy loves her little girl~ " is "CARGO_MOMMYS_ROLE loves CARGO_MOMMYS_PRONOUNS little CARGO_MOMMYS_LITTLE~"

So if you set CARGO_MOMMYS_ROLES="daddy", CARGO_MOMMYS_PRONOUNS="his/their", and CARGO_MOMMYS_LITTLE="boy/pet/baby" then you might get any of

  • daddy loves their little boy~
  • daddy loves his little pet~
  • daddy loves their little baby~

And so on~


mommy likes freedom~ , and is dual-licensed under MIT and Apache 2.0.

Use either at your choice.

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