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Openllet: An Open Source OWL DL reasoner for Java

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Openllet is an OWL 2 DL reasoner:

Openllet can be used with Jena or OWL-API libraries. Openllet provides functionality to check consistency of ontologies, compute the classification hierarchy, explain inferences, and answer SPARQL queries.

Feel free to fork this repository and submit pull requests if you want to see changes, new features, etc. in Openllet. We need a lot more tests, send your samples if you can.

There are some code samples in the examples/ directory. Issues are on Github. Pellet community is on pellet-users mailing list.

Openllet 2.6.X:

  • Refactor modules dependencies.
  • Enforce interface usage in the core system.
  • Lighter hash functions and less conflict when use in multi-thread environnement.
  • since 2.6.5 : full java 11 support, java 11 is a requirement.

Migration :

  • lots of com.clarkparsia.* / com.mindswap.* are refactored into openllet.* to avoid conflicts and have typing changed a lot.
  • dependencies on modern libs.

NB, the Protege plugin need a Protege that work with an 5.1.X version of the OWL-API, so the main branch of Protege isn't compatible with Openllet.

Roadmap :

  • Fullify strong typing in openllet core (2.7.X).
  • Add support for rdf-database reasoning (2.8.X).

Examples :

Play with the Owl-Api:

try (final OWLManagerGroup group = new OWLManagerGroup())
	final OWLOntologyID ontId = OWLHelper.getVersion(IRI.create("http://myOnotology"), 1.0);
	final OWLHelper owl = new OWLGenericTools(group, ontId, true);

	final OWLNamedIndividual x1 = OWL.Individual("#I1");
	final OWLNamedIndividual x2 = OWL.Individual("#I2");

	owl.addAxiom(OWL.equivalentClasses(ClsA, OWL.some(propB, OWL.restrict(XSD.STRING, OWL.facetRestriction(OWLFacet.PATTERN, OWL.constant("A.A"))))));
	owl.addAxiom(OWL.propertyAssertion(x1, propB, OWL.constant("AAA")));
	owl.addAxiom(OWL.propertyAssertion(x2, propB, OWL.constant("BBB")));
	owl.addAxiom(OWL.differentFrom(x1, x2));

	final OpenlletReasoner r = owl.getReasoner();
	assertTrue(r.isEntailed(OWL.classAssertion(x1, ClsA)));
	assertFalse(r.isEntailed(OWL.classAssertion(x2, ClsA)));

Play with Jena:

	final String ns = "";

	final OntModel model = ModelFactory.createOntologyModel(PelletReasonerFactory.THE_SPEC); + "uncle.owl");

	final Individual Bob = model.getIndividual(ns + "Bob");
	final Individual Sam = model.getIndividual(ns + "Sam");

	final Property uncleOf = model.getProperty(ns + "uncleOf");

	final Model uncleValues = ModelFactory.createDefaultModel();
	addStatements(uncleValues, Bob, uncleOf, Sam);
	assertPropertyValues(model, uncleOf, uncleValues);

Openllet 2.5.X:

  • full java 8 support, java 8 is a requirement.
  • speed and stability improvement

Changes :

  • Update versions of libs : owlapi 5, jena3 and lots more. Some old libs have been integrated and cleaned, strongly typed into openllet.
  • Corrections : all tests works, no more warnings with high level of reports in Eclipse.

Migration :

  • pellet/owlapi/src/main/java/com/clarkparsia/owlapiv3/ is now pellet/owlapi/src/main/java/com/clarkparsia/owlapi/
  • groupId com.clarkparsia.pellet is now com.github.galigator.openllet

Pellet 1..2.3] Licences and supports:

Thanks for using Openllet.

Others experimentals stuffs

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