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Pytorch implementation of Hebbian learning algorithms to train deep convolutional neural networks. A neural network model is trained on CIFAR10 both using Hebbian algorithms and SGD in order to compare the results. Although Hebbian learning is unsupervised, I also implemented a technique to train the final linear classification layer using the Hebbian algorithm in a supervised manner. This is done by applying a teacher signal on the final layer that provides the desired output; the neurons are then enforced to update their weights in order to follow that signal.

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In order to launch a training session, type:
PYTHONPATH=<project root> python <project root>/ --config <config family>/<config name>
Where <config family> is either gdes or hebb, depending whether you want to run gradient descent or hebbian training, and <config name> is the name of one of the training configurations in the file.
PYTHONPATH=<project root> python <project root>/ --config gdes/config_base
To evaluate the network on the CIFAR10 test set, type:
PYTHONPATH=<project root> python <project root>/ --config <config family>/<config name>

For further details, please refer to my thesis work:
"Hebbian Learning Algorithms for Training Convolutional Neural Networks; G. Lagani"
available at and the related paper:
"Hebbian Learning Meets Deep Convolutional Neural Networks; G. Amato, F. Carrara, F. Falchi, C. Gennaro and G. Lagani"
available at:

Author: Gabriele Lagani - [email protected]

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