Code base for the book Mastering OpenLayers 3
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3 years ago2JavaScript
It is a OpenLayers 3 book for beginners
8 years ago4cc-by-4.0HTML
Code samples for The Book of OpenLayers3
Openlayers Cookbook42
10 years agoJavaScript
Source Code Examples for the OpenLayers Cookbook
Openlayer S Beginner Guide Book Source Code17
10 years agoJavaScript
All source code examples for my OpenLayers Beginner's Book
7 years ago3JavaScript
Code base for the book Mastering OpenLayers 3
8 years agoShell
Generate an OpenLayers-based zoomable image of all the pages of an Internet Archive book, laid out as a grid.
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Code base for the book Mastering OpenLayers 3.

Written by: Gábor Farkas

Creative Commons License
Mastering OpenLayers 3 Code Base by Gábor Farkas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


  • /chapters HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for the examples provided by the book. There is one .html, one .css, and one .js file for each full example. There are also partial examples, which should be linked to the appropriate full example before using.

  • /js OpenLayers 3, and other compressed third party libraries needed for the examples.

  • /res Various resources (mainly vector files, and thumbnail images for custom controls) used in the book.

  • /src OpenLayers 3 source files needed to build custom libraries.

  • / This readme file.

  • / Proxy file for overriding CORS restrictions. Copy it in your web server's cgi-bin folder. Note: this proxy does not contain any security restrictions. Be sure, no one can exploit it, use it for testing purposes only, and use it on your own risk. Adapted from:


  • On page 54, it is said, strategies affect the rendering process. Contrary, strategies affect the download process of WFSs, or other REST API based layers. They alter the extent with which the loader function is called. Thus, setting a strategy only has effect, when it is used with the default loader function (ol.featureloader.loadFeaturesXhr).
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