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Individual RFQs

These links lead to the repositories for each individual procurement that currently has an active RFQ.

GSA and HUD Release RFQs for Phase II

Moving forward to the next phase of its partnership, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Centers of Excellence (CoE) team within the Technology Transformation Services (TTS) issued its first of six Requests for Quote (RFQ) to GSA Schedule 70 contractors. These staggered RFQs will move HUD from the discovery and assessment phase to the implementation phase of work.

The CoE team used recommendations and suggestions gathered during the discovery and assessment work, and industry feedback from the draft RFQ, to finalize these procurements. The feedback helped the CoE to:

  • allow all procurements to have contractor teaming arrangements so contractors can provide a complete solution,
  • provide more clarity around the role HUD will play in procuring vendors, and
  • identify whom the contractor must collaborate with at HUD throughout the period of performance.

During the discovery phase, HUD identified the following needs:

  • Develop a cloud-based electronic records management (ERM) system to support multiple data sources, as well an intelligent data extraction (IDE) capability for the extraction of written material from paper forms (Cloud Adoption)
  • Centralize HUD’s knowledge base and customer inquiries into one contact center called HUDCentral (Contact Center)
  • Build an agency-wide customer experience capability (Customer Experience)
  • Set up an Office of the Chief Data Officer, which will manage data as a strategic asset across HUD (Data Analytics)
  • Use data visualization techniques to create dashboards that provide HUD stakeholders with key data points, increase financial transparency and implement enterprise data management solutions (Data Analytics)
  • Use advanced analytics techniques to ensure data-driven decision making is established throughout HUD (Data Analytics)

GSA and HUD are eager to find the best solutions that will improve the performance and management of the agency, while delivering value to its clients.

All six RFQs will be announced and posted on the CoE HUD-specific GitHub repository.

To learn more about the TTS Centers of Excellence (CoE), please visit or contact the team directly [email protected].

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