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The mission of the Centers of Excellence (CoE), housed within the General Services Administration (GSA), is to accelerate Information Technology (IT) modernization, improve the public experience, and reduce legacy IT spending across the Government. CoE accomplishes this by centralizing top government tech talent, leveraging private-sector best practices, and operating with a teaming mindset across Government departments and agencies. To better align with the dynamic effects of such a transformation, CoE provides agency partners with a shared service solution for professional services.

The Contact Center CoE provides a centralized suite of offerings to help agencies manage and enhance their customer contacts where they need assistance the most. At the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Contact Center CoE has been tasked to analyze the current state of HUD’s contact center operations and provide a future state contact center modernization and optimization strategy. The Contact Center CoE has evaluated HUD’s contact center modernization needs by capturing HUD's contact center pain points and leveraging contact center best practices. Through this assessment, the Contact Center CoE has identified opportunities for improvement in the following areas: contact center governance, management and operations, self-service tools, emerging technologies, internal business processes and systems to manage day-to-day performance, acquisition solutions, and customer experience.

The Contact Center CoE has determined the need for creation of a single, front-door contact center, called HUDCentral. HUDCentral is an omnichannel, outsourced, enterprise-wide front-door contact center and Knowledge Management (KM) solution that will improve mission delivery, drive cost savings, and help HUD achieve President’s Management Agenda (PMA) Cross Agency Priority (CAP) Goals.

HUD background

HUD’s mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. Its current goal is to refocus the organization on its core mission and modernize its approach by leveraging private-sector partnerships, strengthening the housing market, and encouraging affordable housing investment, while redesigning internal processes. Contact center optimization will support HUD’s objectives to use resources more effectively and maximize service delivery. Finding and increasing efficiencies throughout the agency is key to doing more with less. Tremendous opportunity exists to improve HUD’s processes, starting with modernizing the Department’s information technology and then integrating technological improvements into changes in service delivery to maximize the benefits across the agency. Improving the efficiency of HUD operations will allow the best use of resources and even better implementation of Department priorities.


This initiative will:

  1. Enable HUD customers to get timely, accurate, and consistent answers to their questions anytime, anywhere, and on any device through consolidated, integrated communications channels.
  2. Improve efficiency by shifting general inquiries and information to lower-cost channels over time.
  3. Increase self-service options and enhance accuracy of the information provided to customers.
  4. Reduce contact center costs.
  5. Establish consistent customer experience across the agency through the implementation of standardized operating procedures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  6. Enable HUD to measure customer satisfaction levels to facilitate continuous improvement.

Other HUD-realated work

Please see the main repository for information on all procurement related information to the HUD and CoE engagement.

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