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Data Analytics: Data Visualization for the OCDO

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The mission of the Centers of Excellence (CoE), housed within the General Services Administration (GSA), is to accelerate Information Technology (IT) modernization, improve the public experience, and reduce legacy IT spending across the Government. CoE accomplishes this by centralizing top government tech talent, leveraging private-sector best practices, and operating with a teaming mindset across Government departments and agencies. To better align with the dynamic effects of such a transformation, CoE provides agency partners with a shared service solution for professional services.

At the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Data Analytics CoE was tasked to define the analytics outcomes and priorities while assessing existing data, tools, and systems used by HUD programs and offices. HUD also desired the development of a strategy for analytics transformation that includes data governance, data management, and use cases for artificial intelligence technologies.


HUD has a need to create data visualizations that increase financial transparency and program effectiveness within HUD by connecting program, financial, and human capital information (e.g., salary and expenditure information). The contractor performing this work must create dashboards that provide the information HUD stakeholders need to incorporate in their data-driven decision making process with near-real time, mobile available, and access-controlled visualizations.

The contractor will be responsible for the development of dashboard prototypes, which will then be operationalized. Once operationalized, the contractor must also develop data documentation and training relevant to the dashboards created.

In addition, HUD has a need to continue adding data across the HUD Enterprise into EDM for downstream system consumption, reporting and analytics.The contractor will provide support to further research systems and tools and develop and implement HUD’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) environment. This will be an optional task.

Other HUD-related work

Please see the main repository for information on all procurement related information to the HUD and CoE engagement.

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