Linux Show Player

Linux Show Player - Cue player designed for stage productions


Linux Show Player

Cue player for stage productions

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Linux Show Player, LiSP for short, is a free cue player, primarily intended for sound-playback during stage productions. The ultimate goal is to provide a complete playback software for musical plays, theatre shows, and similar.

For bugs and requests you can open an issue on the GitHub issues tracker; for support, discussions, and anything else you should use the gitter chat.


Linux Show Player is currently developed on and tested for GNU/Linux only.
The core components (Python3, GStreamer and Qt5) are multi-platform, thus in future - despite the name - LiSP might get ported to other platforms.

📦 Flatpak

From version 0.6 it will be possible to install a Flatpak package, follow the simple instructions on their website to get everything ready.

You can get the latest development builds here:

  • Master - Generally stable
  • Development - Preview features, might be unstable and untested

🐧 From your distribution repository

For some GNU/Linux distributions you can install a native package.
Keeping in mind that it might not be the latest version, you can find a list on

📖 Usage

A user manual can be viewed online or downloaded from the releases page on GitHub.

⌨️ Command line:

usage: linux-show-player [-h] [-f [FILE]] [-l {debug,info,warning}]
                         [--locale LOCALE]

Cue player for stage productions.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f [FILE], --file [FILE]
                        Session file to open
  -l {debug,info,warning}, --log {debug,info,warning}
                        Change output verbosity. default: warning
  --locale LOCALE       Force specified locale/language
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