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React Native / Redux / Babel boilerplate.


  • Babel/ES2015 support
  • ES6 Class support
  • Redux with Async actions via redux-thunk and console logging via redux-logger
  • Navigator & NavigationBar
  • Android support
  • ESLint preconfigured with settings from eslint-config-defaults
  • Flowtype annotations preconfigured

Getting Started

Running IOS

Simply run the project in XCode

Running Android

From your command line run react-native run-android


To lint your code using ESLint run npm run lint

Type Checking

To type check your code using Flow, first install Flow and then run npm run flow


If you have any trouble with package caching due to .babelrc, run rm -fr $TMPDIR/react-*

Maintenance Status

Archived: This project is no longer maintained by Formidable. We are no longer responding to issues or pull requests unless they relate to security concerns. We encourage interested developers to fork this project and make it their own!

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