The memo of the technical survey.


The memo of the technical survey.

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Fast and Scalable Machine Learning with GoLang Discussion of Machine Learning, Go Libraries, Project Examples ...

[Golang Awesome Project]

Machine Learning with GoLang

  1. Machine Learning & Neural Networks

  2. Data Science

  3. Natural Language Processing

Recommendation Engines in Go

  1. Collaborative Filtering (CF) Algorithms in Go - timkaye11/goRecommend

  2. Recommendation engine for Go - muesli/regommend


  1. tile38 : Real-time Geospatial and Geofencing tidwall/tile38

  2. BuntDB is an embeddable, in-memory key/value database for Go with custom indexing and geospatial support tidwall/buntdb

  3. In-memory NoSQL database with ACID transactions, Raft consensus, and Redis API tidwall/summitdb

  4. 3D Wireframe Drawing Library for Go tidwall/pinhole

  5. 10,000 Cities with Latitude, Longitude, and Elevation in Go tidwall/cities


  1. The adorable charts library for Golang go-echarts

  2. dataDash Visualize streaming or tabular data inside the terminal keithknott26/datadash A graphing application written in go using termdash, inspired by termeter. Delimited Data can be passed in by pipe or directly from a file.

  3. dash is a terminal dashboard solution inspired by Grafana, to visualize and explore your data. ricoberger/dash

  4. Realtime visualization of your access logs on a map geoip-live-map

  5. A real-time visualization tool to train neural networks makerforceio/nviz

  6. A repository for plotting and visualizing data gonum/plot is the new, official fork of plotinum. It provides an API for building and drawing plots in Go.


  1. Resource:

  2. paper :


  1. The interactive web server gchaincl/httplab

zero-knowledge proof

Micro Deep Learning Framework

  1. micrograd: karpathy/micrograd A tiny scalar-valued autograd engine and a neural net library on top of it with PyTorch-like API

  2. tinygrad: geohot/tinygrad For something in between a pytorch and a karpathy/micrograd This may not be the best deep learning framework, but it is a deep learning framework. The Tensor class is a wrapper around a numpy array, except it does Tensor things.

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