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Flame is powerful, multipurpose and free Discord bot with a lot of abilities created with Discord.js, which is used by more than 8,000 guilds and 565,000 real users.

We'll be very glad if you give this repo a star , so that we grow much faster! <3

Localization warning

Flame is a project which is created and supported by Russian developers. Please note that currently bot does not support English localization, and we are only working on it. If you want to contribute or/and need some help, feel free to dm TheFerryn#0001 on Discord.

Abilities & Functionality

  • ** Welcome/leave notifications:** Notifications to the specific channel when a member enters/leaves the server;
  • ** Moderation utilities and tools:** Mutes, warnings, ban/kick/clear commands and other useful stuff;
  • ** Suggestion system:** Setup a channel and collect ideas from server members via suggest command;
  • ** Unique economy:** Work, crime, buy items, rob another people and play slots;
  • ** Music features:** Listen to music in voice channels on your server with effects like karaoke, rotation etc.;
  • ** Auto-moderation:** Protect your community from spammers with the anti-invite tool;
  • Fun commands: Create demotivators or get some pictures of fluffy animals!


All Pull-Requests are only welcome, and we'll be very happy if you would help us with the development! So if you want to contribute, please navigate to the contributing guide.

License & Self-hosting notice

This project is licensed is under the Apache-2.0 license. If you want to use code from this repository/self-host a copy of Flame, you must credit the original author (Flame-Developers/TheFerryn) and provide a link to this repository.

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