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An date and/or time picker for Android. Light theme design, full screen picker dialog and native Material components. Support setting default selected date time and result submit callback handling listener. Support custom button icon, title text and theme color. Min SDK is SDK 5.0 and using AndroidX.


Min SDK = 5.0

Main Features

  • [x] Date and time picker
  • [x] Date picker
  • [x] Default selected date time setting
  • [x] Result callback listener
  • [x] Custom button icons
  • [x] Custom title text
  • [x] Custom theme color


DateTimePicker Select Date DateTimePicker Select Time

Or watch the quick video.

How to Use

It is very simple to use.

DateTimePickerDialog selectDialog = new DateTimePickerDialog();
selectDialog.setDefaultDateTime(Calendar.getInstance()); //Set default selected date time.
selectDialog.setOnResultsListener(new DateTimePickerDialog.OnResultsListener() {
    public void onSuccess(Calendar date) {
        //On result submited callback listener.
    .setTransition(FragmentTransaction.TRANSIT_FRAGMENT_OPEN) //Set the transition animation when dialog opened.
    .add(, selectDialog) //Show dialog. "" should be replaced by the ID of activity's root view.
    .addToBackStack(null) //Add dialog to back stack.

Added these to string.xmls to change title text.

<string name="title_select_date">Select Date</string>
<string name="title_select_time">Select Time</string>

Added these to colors.xmls to change theme color.

<color name="colorPrimary">#FFFFFF</color>
<color name="colorPrimaryDark">#FFFFFF</color>
<color name="colorAccent">#000000</color>
<color name="colorControl">#EDEDED</color>

Added these drawable to drawable directory to change button icons.

Drawable Name Used For Icon Size
ic_close_24.xml Close picker dialog for canceling selection button. 24dp x 24dp
ic_next_24.xml Switch from date selection to time selection button. 24dp x 24dp
ic_submit_24.xml Submit selected result button. 24dp x 24dp


This project is under the Apache 2.0 License.

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