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Web-based editor for Pelican and Nikola

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  • Create and edit files
  • Commit file changes on Git (optional)
  • Run "make publish" and additional make targets
  • Authentication (optional)


Use virtualenv on package-based Linux distributions! Learn why

$ pip install shoebill


Create a regular Pelican or Nikola site directory (see pelican-quickstart documentation)

Make sure to create a Makefile

Run Shoebill as:

$ ./ /path/to/the/pelican/site

And open in your browser:

You can create or delete users and change your password at:

Optionally you can specify:

-p <port number> (defaults to 8080)
--host <hostname/ip_address>   - Hostname/IP address to bind at 
-D                             - Bottle debugging mode
-t <target>, --target <target> - Additional make target to be executed from the UI
--no-auth                      - Disable authentication



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