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Nim wrapper for the libsodium library

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WARNING: This library is under development and has not been reviewed by 3rd parties


  • Wrap libsodium and expose only memory-safe entities
  • Follow libsodium naming convention for most functions
  • Tested on Linux
  • Basic unit tests
  • No homemade crypto


Refer to the link:[official libsodium documentation]

and the[module documentation]


sudo apt-get install libsodium18 nimble install libsodium


import libsodium.sodium import libsodium.sodium_sizes

let msg = "hello and goodbye" (pk, sk) = crypto_box_keypair() nonce = randombytes(crypto_box_NONCEBYTES()) ciphertext = crypto_box_easy(msg, nonce, pk, sk)


Testing and PRs are welcome.

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