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Awesome Open Source

Notes App with Nodejs and Mysql

Notes App is a Multi Page Application using Nodejs and Mysql. The purpose of this web application is just to be an example for beginners.


mysql -u MYUSR "-pMYPASSWORD" < ./database/db.sql # create database
npm i
npm run build
npm start

File Structure

  • database, it the folder with all the sql queries, you can use to recreate the database for this application
  • src, it's all the code for the Backend and Frontend Application
  • docs

Environment Variables

  • PORT

Old Versions of this Project


  1. [x] Improve Links Routes
  2. [ ] Write Route Validation with Express Validator
  3. [ ] Add docker compose production build
  4. [ ] Allows users to signup with email and no username
  5. [ ] Add nodemailer for transactional emails


  • Nodejs
  • Mysql
  • Babel
  • Docker


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