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A collection of internships, opportunities, roadmaps, and resources for Computer Engineering and related fields.
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A collection of internships, opportunities, roadmaps, and resources for Computer Engineering and related fields. Prepared and maintained by Communication and Computer Engineering, Cairo University 2025Grads.

Table of Contents


If you want to contribute to this repo, you can:

  • Make a Pull Request (please follow commented guidelines in the file while editing)
    • Please state what you changed briefly.
  • Fill this google form (Internship Contributions Only)


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Name Location Time Application Deadline
Google - Multiple Internships - - -
Emarat Al-Ard reseach Insitute - Multiple Internships - - -
The Sparks Foundation - GRIP Remote - -
Raisa Energy - Data Science - - -
Codeaza Technologies - Multiple Internships Remote Summer '23 -
Jumia - SW Engineer Intern Cairo Summer '23 -
Money Fellows - Frontend Engineer Intern Cairo Summer '23 -
Money Fellows - Devops Engineer Intern Cairo Summer '23 -
Money Fellows - Backend Engineer Intern Cairo Summer '23 -
Money Fellows - Full Stack Engineer Intern Cairo Summer '23 -
Amazon - SWE Intern Cairo Summer '23 -
Orange - Multiple Internships Cairo(Remote) Summer '23 -
MLH Fellowship USA(Remote) Summer '23 March 6th, 2023
Corporatica - ML Intern Remote Summer '23 -
Corporatica - SWE Intern Remote Summer '23 -
Motorola Solutions - SWE Intern USA(Hybrid) Summer '23 -
Technolabs Softwares - Data Scientist Intern Not Mentioned Not Mentioned -
Didi - Intern Cairo Not Mentioned -
Garafana Labs - SWE Intern BI EMEA(Remote) Summer '23 -
LeetCode - Full stack Intern - Summer '23 -
Open-Source Internship Programs - - -


Roadmaps in each field. You can use them as a guide to learn the required skills for each internship.

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Coding Interviews

Some of the internships may require a technical interview. Here you can find some resources that can help you prepare for it.

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Here you can find some resources that can help you in your journey to become a better and learn skills. This includes courses, books, and more. You can find (or Add) youtube courses aswell. If there is a resource that you think is useful, you can add it to the list. Note: If there is a coding interview related resouce then add it to the coding interviews section.


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Name Description
Machine Intelligence A Machine Intelligence Course by Hamid Tizhoosh, Waterloo
Node.Js (Arabic) An Extensive Node.Js Course in Egyptian Arabic
React JS (Arabic) A React JS Course in Egyptian Arabic that covers fundamentals of React JS (Prerequisites:HTML,CSS,JS Basics)
Algorithm-Design An Explanation for Algorithms
Web Development for Beginners Web Course by Microsoft


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Name Description
Clean Code A book by Robert C. Martin about how to improve your code writing.
Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design A Book About OOP and Design
Probability Theory A book by Jaynes about probability theory.
Deep Learning A book by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville about deep learning.


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Name Description
Junior Training Sheet competitive programming sheet + Roadmap
Useful Github Rep. Useful Repositories
Awesome-Resources Useful Resources
Articles Developers Community articles
Algorithms-Implementation Implementations of most of CP Algorithims
Career Resources Some SWE/PM/Designer related career resources for students
Crack your internship A list of resources for cracking your internship
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