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Awesome Open Source

EVOlution - iOS

The goal of this project is for the version 1.0 was: bring to iOS the experience provided by Swift Evolution website.

Now we are shifting from the basic idea to make it more social.

On our roadmap (you can read at our GitHub Projects), we have some notes for the future, which will cover stuff like: Follow Proposals starring or watching them, Follow Authors and/or Review Managers, List of most popular proposals, featured proposals and other ideas coming from the community.

How to contribute

You need to create an issue and associate a pull request to this issue. Your pull request, needs to have some description on title about the issue that you are trying to solve. After you send your pull request, other developers will make a code review before merging it into the development branch.




EVOlution App is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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