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Gridcoin tasks

You can find here tasks, wishes, ideas, ... for the Gridcoin project.

Quick jump:

see here all categories

How can you help ?

  • marketing tasks are probably the easiest starting point
  • see also categories: help wanted and more feedback needed
  • every other task also needs input:
    • read them and comment your thoughts, others will pick up from there.

The initial goal is:

Later we'll see how we use this repo more (see also here), but:

  • there's no problem when tasks from elsewhere (the forum, ...) are mentioned here also so they can be seen/managed better.
  • For those then, do this:
    • create a task here (click the green "New issue" button on the right), and
    • do a short summary (really, our motto here is: less is beautiful)
    • link to the external place (there you can be more detailed ;-))
    • make a possible time estimate for realization (e.g. on the issue page you can also set the milestone field)
    • who is or might be possible to realize/implement (e.g. on the issue page you can also set the assignees field).
    • Using a category (marketing, bounty, newcomers, wallet, roadmap, exchanges,...) for your issue is also possible (see here). There can also be created new categories.

Bugs obviously belong to the Gridcoin bugtracker

  • e.g. most of the tasks in category: wallet will go there after more detailing, ...
  • keep in mind: before reporting in the bugtracker, please search if your bug exists there already


  • see here how you can backup the Gridcoin tasks (e.g. for reading offline)


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