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Ether.Network is being rewrited and renamed into Sylver. It is far more than a simple rewrite and project renaming.

In fact, a lot of things were missing in Ether.Network like real documentation and guides that describe how to setup a TCP server for instance; because at the begining, the project was a POC (proof of concept) for one of my personal projects. It is one of my first open-source project with contributors and I am very happy of the results we had together.

With Sylver, I intend to change this process and develop features and make the documentation and guides at the same time, so people can integrate the Sylver library in their projects. All of the issues, suggestions, pull requests in progress will be added to Sylver.

Thank you to all contributors that made PRs, openned issues and made suggestions. I hope to see you contributing to Sylver in the near future.

This project is now archived. You can still find the code in the ether-network-old branch.

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