Skybot Lavalink Plugin

Lavalink plugin adding support for several audio source managers
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DuncteBot lavalink plugin

Adding support for the following sources:

  • Mixcloud
  • spotify (not implemented) (via youtube loading)
  • Reddit
  • Text To Speech (if prefixed with speak:)
  • TikTok (in beta, works on most videos will break all the time)
  • PornHub
  • soundgasm

Lavalink version compatibility

Lavalink Version Plugin Version
3.x.x 1.4.x OR 1.5.x *
4.x.x 1.4.x OR 1.5.x

* Version 1.5.x will only work on Lavalink v3 if you are running java 17 or newer

Lavaplayer users

If you need to add the source managers to your lavalink instance as well you can use this library to add them: DuncteBot/skybot-source-managers

Adding to lavalink

Latest version: Latest version

Add the following to your lavalink configuration, make sure to replace VERSION with the latest version listed above (do not include the v).

        - dependency: "com.dunctebot:skybot-lavalink-plugin:VERSION"
          repository: ""

Alternatively you can download the jar from the release on github and place that in your plugins folder


The plugin exposes these configuration options
NOTE: this plugins block is a root level object, don't place it where you import the plugin

        ttsLanguage: "en-AU" # language of the TTS engine
            # true = source enabled, false = source disabled
            getyarn: true #
            clypit: true #
            tts: true # speak:Words to speak
            pornhub: true # should be self-explanatory
            reddit: true # should be self-explanatory
            ocremix: true #
            tiktok: true #
            mixcloud: true #
            soundgasm: true #


You can start the test server by running ./gradlew runLavalink

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