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Bruteforce MD5 decryption written in Python 3.8. No password list needed.
Working for single hashes as well as lists of hashes and combolists (userid:md5hash).
All results are saved to a textfile called "logs.txt".

For educational purposes only!

MD5Bruter Demo with Testdata

How to use

Download code or clone the repo:

git clone

Install requirements / dependencies:

cd MD5Bruter
python3 install -r requirements.txt

Then start MD5Bruter:


... and follow the output.


If you like this tool, support my work and buy me a coffee!
Or send a donation to one of the following wallets:

BTC: 19v1XuRJWoFoqqNKJ3r6wdHuRMjg2fjHji
LTC: LbukCLWfCqUn3cu8xViQft8pDVVfDqLBZA

Every donation helps!

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