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Platform: iOS

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Getting Started

This project is a place for us to have fun and build a chat bot together. It's currently just a console application, but later, we might add a GUI for local execution. I'm open to ideas about where we want to take this project. We could run it somewhere on the cloud, and we could decide that it needs a web interface. Let me know on-stream what you want to do.

Interested in joining a growing developer community? Connect with us on Discord!


These instructions will get you a copy of the devchatterbot up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.



There are a few ways you can help, you can join us at DevChatter when we're streaming, you can report bugs or issues that you find, or you can suggest enhancements or changes.

Suggesting Enhancements

We are using GitHub Issues for our enhancement suggestions. Make sure to choose the correct label when creating the issue.

Bug Reporting

We are using GitHub Issues for our bug reports. Make sure to choose the correct label when creating the issue. Please include details of what you noticed as well as instructions for reproducing the issue. Please provide plenty of details to make it easier for us!

Sending Pull Requests

Details coming soon. Have I mentioned that you're awesome for even considering contributing to this project? Thanks!



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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