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🔒 Important Note :

This project is archived since DarkSky API is no longer accepting new sign ups. You can read more Info Here ( I'll prolly update the repo and Unarchive it in the near future with a new API, Once I get time to do it. )

Live-Weather App

Tracks Live Weather of your current Area by tracking your location.

📝 Features :

  • Gives the summary of the weather.
  • Shows Fahrenheit
  • Shows Celsius (Click on the Fahrenheit)
  • Shows the Current location.
  • Gives an idea about the weather by the help of an weather Icon.

💨 Run the projects :

  • Glitch: Remix on Glitch
  • Repl: Run on

💫 Setup :

  1. Download this project and unzip it.
  2. Take the API from the DarkSky Website [Requires you to Log In].
  3. Host the website and enable the geoLocation so that the browser can track your location.
  4. If you get the message "The Website is Up!" in the browser's console then you are good.

✨ Credits :

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