A stable, powerful and updated wrapper around Lavalink


A stable and updated wrapper around Lavalink

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The ShipGirl Project, feat Shoukaku; ⓒ Azur Lane


✅ Stable

✅ Documented

✅ Updated

✅ Extendable

✅ ESM & CommonJS supported

✅ Very cute (Very Important)

Supported Libraries

Refer to /src/connectors for list of supported libraries + how to support other libraries


  • Stable (3.x.x) (Needs Lavalink Versions: 3.5.x < | 3.9.x >)

npm install shoukaku

  • Dev (4.0.0-dev) (Needs Lavalink Versions: 3.7.x <)

For living on the edge but with latest features: npm install

Dev versions are not guaranteed to stay the same api wise, and even with last known stable, I won't say it's 100% stable

Documentation (Stable v3 version only) (v3 stable github branch)

v4.x.x docs are in your intellisense for now (I only deploy stable release docs on the Github page)

Small code snippet examples

Initializing the library (Using Connector Discord.JS)

const { Client } = require('discord.js');
const { Shoukaku, Connectors } = require('shoukaku');
const Nodes = [{
    name: 'Localhost',
    url: 'localhost:6969',
    auth: 'marin_kitagawa'
const client = new Client();
const shoukaku = new Shoukaku(new Connectors.DiscordJS(client), Nodes);
// ALWAYS handle error, logging it will do
shoukaku.on('error', (_, error) => console.error(error));
// If you want shoukaku to be available on client, then bind it to it, here is one example of it
client.shoukaku = shoukaku;

Never initialize Shoukaku like this, or else she will never initialize, start shoukaku before you call client.login()

client.on('ready', () => {
    client.shoukaku = new Shoukaku(new Connectors.DiscordJS(client), Nodes);

Searching and joining a channel (Async Function Implementation)

const node = shoukaku.getNode();
if (!node) return;
const result = await'scsearch:snowhalation');
if (!result?.tracks.length) return;
const metadata = result.tracks.shift();
const player = await node.joinChannel({
    guildId: 'your_guild_id',
    channelId: 'your_channel_id',
    shardId: 0 // if unsharded it will always be zero (depending on your library implementation)
// player is created and ready, do your thing

Playing a track and changing a playback option (in this example, volume)

await player.playTrack({ track: metadata.encodedTrack });
await player.setVolume(0.5);

Updating the whole player if you don't want to use my helper functions

await player.update({ ...playerOptions });

Shoukaku's options

Option Type Description
resume boolean Whether to resume a connection on disconnect to Lavalink (Server Side) (Note: DOES NOT RESUME WHEN THE LAVALINK SERVER DIES)
resumeKey string Resume key for Lavalink
resumeTimeout number Timeout before resuming a connection in seconds
resumeByLibrary boolean Whether to resume the players by doing it in the library side (Client Side) (Note: TRIES TO RESUME REGARDLESS OF WHAT HAPPENED ON A LAVALINK SERVER)
alwaysSendResumeKey boolean Disables the first time initialization tracking of nodes, and just sends the resume key always (Note: Useful for people who save their players to redis and wants to resume sessions even at first boot)
reconnectTries number Number of times to try and reconnect to Lavalink before giving up
reconnectInterval number Timeout before trying to reconnect in seconds
restTimeout number Time to wait for a response from the Lavalink REST API before giving up in seconds
moveOnDisconnect boolean Whether to move players to a different Lavalink node when a node disconnects
userAgent string User Agent to use when making requests to Lavalink
structures Object{rest?, player?} Custom structures for shoukaku to use
voiceConnectionTimeout number Timeout before abort connection in seconds

Plugins list

Open a pr to add your plugin here

Name Link Description
Kazagumo Github A Shoukaku wrapper that have built-in queue system
stone-deezer NPM A plugin to simplify deezer links and then play it from available sources (REQUIRES KAZAGUMO)

Other Links

Support (#Development) | Lavalink

Implementation (Discord.JS)


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