DeepDeck is a 4x4 macro key made to improve productivity
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E2E test framework for tests with complex environment requirements.
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DeepDeck Ahuyama

To know more visit and

DeepDeck is an open source 5x5 mechanical keyboard, using ESP32 microcontroller. This repo contains the firmware.

Here are the features:

DeepDeck features

  • Implemented

  • In process of improvement

  • In the roadmap

  • For feature releases/depending on the community votes

Software Features

  • Keys:
    • Single Key (any key as you regular keyboard)
    • Media key (like volume up/down, play, pause)
    • Macro ( like Ctr+c, Ctrl+alt+supr)
    • Mouse control (move x, y, scroll, etc)
    • String of characters, like passwords, or fast answers.
    • Layer change
    • Change RGB sequence/settings
    • Tap dancing (More info here and here)
    • Mod - Tap (info here)
    • Leader Key (info here)
  • Knobs:
    • 5 gestures per knob (Clock-wise rotation, CCW rotation, single push, double push, long push)
  • APDS-9960 aka Gesture sensor (Like this or this)
    • Gesture sensor - 6 gestures: Swipe up, down, left right, approaching, getting away)
    • Color sensor
  • Layers
    • Based on memory estimations around the limit is 15
    • Each layers contains the info of
      • The name of the layer
      • 16 keys
      • Name of the 16 keys (5 characters per key)
      • 5 gesture for the 2 knobs
  • OLED screen
    • DeepDeck Splash screen
    • Shows layer name
    • Show names of the 16 keys
    • Battery status
    • Bluetooth Status
    • WiFi Status
  • Embedded OLED menu (hold both knobs down to activate)
    • Go to Sleep
    • Change sleep settings
    • Change LED settings:
      • RGB Pattern
      • RGB intensity
    • Bluetooth settings
      • List of saved devices
      • Remove item from saved devices
      • Connect to specific device
    • WiFi Settings
      • Current SSID and IP
      • Forget network
      • Initialize web portal
    • Pomodoro timer
    • Pong Game
    • Simon Says Game
    • Plugins (this will contain connectivity, like API connections, etc)
  • Web Portal (This is a self host web portal. You would connect to DeepDeck using its WiFi SSID DeepDeck and password xxx)
    • Selection of WiFi credentials (SSID and password)
    • Modification of Layers

Many thanks to:

  • Gal Zaidenstein, creator of MK32, which this repo was fork from. Galzai/MK32
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