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Information needed for a talk

When approached by somebody who wants to give a talk, ask for the following:

  • Title of the talk, abstract and bibliography in English
  • Biography and a photo for the about page

Additional considerations:

  • Suggest a date to the speaker and make sure the date works for them. Normally we organize the talks with two weeks of antelation.
  • Anticipate that while we will do the poster design, they will be in charge of printing and distribution of those. We do not reimburse printings.
  • We will announce the talk through our webpage, twitter and WhatsApp group
  • If they want to give a talk but are unsure about the topic, ask them about their interests and favorite classes
  • Check with them if they will need slides
  • Ask them if they want their talk to be recorded
  • After the talk, they are welcome to give us supplementary materials. Supplementary materials are hosted in our GDrive and linked in the webpage.

How to announce a new talk in the webpage

  1. Create a file with the name format in the folder _posts. Copy the following structure in the file and fill the details:


title: Title of the talk
author: Name of the organizer (NOT LECTURER)
**Lecturer**: Name and surname of lecturer

**Date**: dd/mm/yyyy

**Time**: hh:mm



Two paragraphs of abstract

## Bibliography

* Hardy H. Har, *His work*.
* [Awesome web page](

## Promotional poster
 <img src="/images/posters/poster_file.png" alt="Poster" style="width: 750px;"/>


  1. Add the poster image to the images folder.

  2. Modify about.markdown to include the bio of the lecturer. Create an entry under contributors with the following structure and fill the details:


### Name and surname of lecturer

<img src="/images/people/LecturerPhoto.jpg" alt="Name of lecturer" style="width: 200px;"/>

Two paragraphs of bio, in **3rd person**.

**Classes taught:**
[Class]({% post_url yyyy-mm-dd-name-of-post %})


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