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IPFilter Updater

Downloads IP Filter lists for use in Bit Torrent clients.


  • Provides choice of list providers
  • Automatically decompresses lists that are in Gzip or Zip format
  • Can automatically schedule itself to update the list silently
  • Auto-updating


  • Microsoft Windows XP+
  • .NET Framework 4 or greater


What is IPFilter Updater?

It's a small Windows application that will download and update an ipfilter list for use in Bit Torrent clients.

What Bit Torrent clients are supported?

Currently uTorrent, BitTorrent and qBittorrent are supported out of the box, but you can also configure other applications to pick up the downloaded list.

What is an ipfilter?

An ipfilter list is a simple (but usually very large) list of addresses and ranges of malicious peers that will transmit junk data (i.e. anti-P2P) or peers that may be intrusive on your net privacy.

Why do I need an ipfilter?

For privacy and more reliable peers

Why do I need IPFilter Updater?

It will make it easier to download a list, and keep it up to date

Where does the list come from?

I do not maintain any of the lists.

I try to keep a variety of third party list options available, but the availability and quality of free, up to date lists seems to be dwindling.

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