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Blockly for Unity Editor. 3rd Year Student Major Assessment. LINK

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Getting Started:

  1. Navigate to "Window/Snapper/Snapper Quick Tools".
  2. Navigate to "Window/Snapper/Snapper Editor".
  3. Start dragging and dropping blocks. Tip: Click the "Live Updates" toggle for generated code on the fly.
  4. Click "Live Updates" toggle OR "To C#" when ready.
  5. Click "Copy To Clipboard".
  6. Click the "C#" button in "Snapper QT" OR navigate to "Window/Snapper/Save/Save as C# Script". Describe your script in the filename. Tip: use Pascal Case e.g. PlayerMovement.
  7. Create a primitive by selecting your desired primitive from the dropdown. Then click on the "GameObject" button to add the latest Snapper script created to a primitive. Alternatively, right click in the hierarchy/ 3D Object/choose your preference e.g. Cube. Click "Add Component" and add your new script.
  8. Press Play to see your creation in action!


  • Drag-and-Drop coding for Unity!
  • GameObject button to start prototyping in minutes!
  • Assessment Wizard

3rd Party:


Known Issues:

  • When typing in CAPS, certain shortcuts may trigger. Use Caps Lock instead.


  • For _componentTypes, if the first letter of _componentNames[i] == prev, continue checking the next letter until they don't match anymore - set the folder name to that string.
  • If the next _componentTypes contains folder name - add to that folder e.g. NavMeshAgent, OffMeshLink
  • Click on the "Generate Categories" Button under Snap -> Generate Categories.

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