My humble tries to add the features I miss in KiCad
Alternatives To Kicad
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Make Sense2,745
16 days ago2April 30, 202189gpl-3.0TypeScript
Free to use online tool for labelling photos.
Awesome Geojson2,039
2 months ago2cc0-1.0
GeoJSON utilities that will make your life easier.
Semantic Segmentation Editor1,576
a month ago52mitJavaScript
Web labeling tool for bitmap images and point clouds
Cesium Draw247
2 months ago8apache-2.0JavaScript
This is a Vue + Cesium project. Its main functions include plotting and editing marker, polyline and polygon.
Cesium Drawhelper157
7 years agoFebruary 22, 202120otherJavaScript
A shape editor for Cesium.
Brackets Css Shapes Editor85
9 years ago2mitJavaScript
CSS Shapes Editor extension for Brackets / Adobe Edge Code
Trips Editor67
3 years agomitTypeScript
🎨 A simple SVG editor which focuses on editing polygons/polylines and attaching semantic data to them.
Google Maps Point In Polygon47
9 years ago1JavaScript
Shows how to use the Google Maps polygon editor to select points on a map
9 years agoPython
A Physics world/level creator/editor using Kivent
Box2d Editor33
6 years agoapache-2.0Java
Automatically exported from - migrated here to maybe maintain together with Destination Sol. Original website:
Alternatives To Kicad
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Changes in this branch ============ This KiCad version does try to enable a lot more freedom to design boards. It comes with a lot changes in the via placement and creation. Features to come: - Via stackup dialog - Change layers of Vias - Constraint management for netclasses KiCad README ============ For specific documentation like Compiling, GUI translation, old changelogs see the Documentation subfolder. Files ----- AUTHORS.txt - The authors, contributors, document writers and translators list CMakeList.txt - Main CMAKE build tool script COPYRIGHT.txt - A copy of the GNU General Public License Version 2 CTestConfig.cmake - Support for CTest and CDash testing tools Doxyfile - Doxygen config file for KiCad INSTALL.txt - The release (binary) installation instructions TODO.txt - Todo list (looks outdated) uncrustify.cfg - Uncrustify config file for uncrustify sources formatting tool Subdirectories -------------- 3d-viewer - Sourcecode of the 3D viewer bitmap2component - Sourcecode of the bitmap to pcb artwork converter bitmaps_png - Menu and program icons CMakeModules - Modules for the CMAKE build tool common - Sourcecode of the common library cvpcb - Sourcecode of the CvPCB tool demos - Some demo examples Documentation - Developer documentation. Old changelogs etcetera. eeschema - Sourcecode of the schematic editor gerbview - Sourcecode of the gerber viewer helpers - Helper tools and utilities for development include - Interfaces to the common library kicad - Sourcecode of the project manager lib_dxf - Sourcecode of the polygon library new - Staging area for the new schematic library format pagelayout_editor - Sourcecode of the pagelayout editor patches - Collection of patches for external dependencies pcbnew - Sourcecode of the printed circuit board editor plugins - Sourcecode of the new plugin concept polygon - Sourcecode of the polygon library potrace - Sourcecode of the potrace library qa - Testcases using the python interface resources - Resources for freedesktop mime-types for linux scripting - SWIG Python scripting definitions scripts - Helper scripts for various things template - Project and pagelayout templates tools - Other miscellaneous helpers for testing utils - Small utils for kicad, e.g. IDF tools

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